Scottish independence

Why we still need a radical, non-electoral movement

Letter published in the National.

Still Yes

Remarks for the 2015 Radical Independence Conference in Dundee.

Our Growing Movement

Speech for the Radical Independence Conference 2014.

Story of RIC Aberdeen

Remarks for RIC Aberdeen post-referendum public meeting.

Just the Beginning

Reflection on the referendum result. Published on the RIC Aberdeen blog.

Garthdee Debate

Opening & closing statements for indyref debate, Inchgarth community centre.

100 Reasons for Yes

With 100 days til the Referendum, I’ve compiled my top 100 reasons for voting Yes. Published on the RIC Aberdeen blog.

Obama and Yes

Response to Obama’s support for the No campaign. Published on the RIC Aberdeen blog.

Local Government and the Referendum

Aberdeen City Council told everyone to vote No. This is why we challenged them.

We all want a better Scotland

Reflections after my first Indyref debate.

Westminster’s Abusive Relationship with Scotland

It’s time for Scotland to leave this abusive relationship and step into a future where we can make our own choices. Published on the RIC Aberdeen blog.