Unpublished Writing

Earth Activist Training: Reflections 10 Years On

In January 2004, Earth Activist Training changed my life. Ten years on, many of the changes are still resonating.

In Defense of Sociology & Geography

Why Social Science? Why Higher Education? Looking Behind Strathclyde’s Disinvestment Strategy.

The Politics of Hope and Fear

Hillary Clinton threatens to tear America apart — will Barack Obama’s vision be strong enough to sustain us through the long struggle ahead?

An Ex-Pat’s View of Obama

For the first time, there is a candidate I really believe in. It’s a wonderful gift.

Joining the Dots: Activism and Social Conscience

Raising consciousness will not save the world — but it’s possible that social conscience will.

Changing Inner and Outer Worlds

The synchronous deaths of Anita Roddick and Madeline L’Engle speak of the need to change our outer and inner worlds.


Reflections on the PhD process, and preparing for the year ahead.

Just Get a Job

On the politics of work and study.

Good Questions

Public services and the public good.

The Reality Gap

Grant allocations, double standards, and student advice websites.

Learning to Lose Hope at the Futuredome

An exhbit teaches children that their actions have consequences…. Does it also disempower them?

History of the Big Pink Banner

Story of the Fans For Peace Banner, well-known phenomenon in the world of Goo Goo Dolls fans.

Portrait of a Civilized Country

On what Scots take for granted.

Hours of Darkness

Story of my failed emigration attempt of 2002, finally answering all the people who asked, what happened?

Making Miracles

The story of Hanukkah in modern times.