Just the Beginning

Originally posted on the RIC Aberdeen blog.

Two days ago, more than half of referendum voters chose fear over hope.

However, 1,617,989 people saw through the intimidation, empty promises and outright lies of the No campaign. They rejected the constant negativity of the mainstream media and chose to seek out the facts for themselves. They chose to believe in their own ability to build a better future. Many chose to participate in the democratic process for the first time, after a lifetime of disillusionment and exclusion.

Working class areas are the areas that voted Yes most overwhelmingly, and they are the areas that Westminster politicians want to ignore. We will not let them ignore our neighbours, our fellow citizens, our friends.

We may have lost this referendum, but we have won unprecedented levels of engagement, inquiry and appetite for change. We may have lost the battle, but we’ve won the reason to keep fighting.

The opportunities of independence are beyond our reach – for now. It’s more important than ever to fight to improve the lives of ordinary people, to resist Westminster’s attacks. Westminster has held onto its power – for now. We must hold onto the solidarity, enthusiasm and dedication that has been awakened in Scotland. When Westminster breaks its promises – as we know it will – we must continue to stand together and fight for a better future.

RIC is not going away. RIC is just getting started.

In light of the referendum result, independence doesn’t just mean constitutional change. It means independence of mind, independence of action, for all the people abandoned by mainstream politics. It means independence from the machines of power that have betrayed us. It means believing in ourselves and working together, despite Westminster’s demands that we accept politics as usual.

Over the past two years, we have developed friendships with comrades and supporters all across the Yes movement and other progressive groups. Those friendships are not going away. We hope they’re just getting started.

We welcome everyone who wants to keep fighting – or join the fight for the first time. We don’t know what shape the fight will take, but we do know there’s a place for everyone who wants to contribute. Please keep in touch, and watch this space to find out how to get involved with whatever comes next.

Thank you so much for your support over the past two years. Here’s to all the victories still to come.

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