Unpublished Writing

Losing Our Place: Consumer Identity and Disconnection From the Local

Exploring the links between corporate globalization, local identities, and our insatiable need to consume (final essay for my Ecopsychology module).

G8 Report

Notes from the G8 protests in Scotland and related events.

Power of the Pen

Exploring the role of writers in social movements, focusing on the frameworks writers build and how they can recreate the dominant paradigm, or empower us to see the world differently (final essay for my Spiritual Activism module).

The Personal is not Necessarily Global

Review of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann, exploring the interplay between personal and global transformation (essay for my Self & Society module).

Making Sense of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”

Looking at the economic reasons behind the Iraq war from a multipartisan perspective (final essay for my New Economics module).

Deconstructing Punk Economics

Socratic dialogue, exploring strategic activism within our economic system (originally written my New Economics module).

Could Be Worse: A Parable

Is a little bit of abuse acceptable? When does it become unacceptable? Reflections on the treatment of protesters at the Republican National Convention.

The Beltane Table

Or: another tale from Synchronicity City. Beautiful things can happen when the right elements come together.

Astrology for Skeptics

A different way to think about astrology, and why it’s a useful tool in life.

Open letter to George W. Bush about Sex Education

Bush’s sex education guidelines call for an exclusive abstinence-only message to prevent the spread of STDs, and I have a few suggestions on making that message even clearer. (parody!!)

The Origins of Spam

You hear the word all the time, but do you ever wonder how spam came to be synonymous with junkmail?

True Interfaith Dialogue

Letter to the Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice, in response to their public meeting which was overwhelmingly Christian and completly monotheistic.

Greetings from the Twilight Zone

Letter to my peace movement friends in Italy at the supposed finish of “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Code Pink

Report-back from the International Women’s Day peace march in Washington, DC.

The World Says No To War

Report-back from the massive peace march in New York City, part of the largest political demonstration in history.