Public Speaking

Collective Action

Speech for CND Diversification event. Understanding power, individual choices and collective action. Also: capitalism and fox poo.

We’ve Got Fascists to Fight

Speech from anti-Trump demo, 30 January 2017. Also published on Common Space and in The National.

RIC2016 Closing Remarks

On building the Scotland – and the world – we want to see.

War for Christmas

Speech for Aberdeen’s Syria solidarity rally, 5 December 2015.

Austerity and the refugee crisis

Excerpt from anti-austerity demo speech, 13 September 2015.

Still Yes

Remarks from the 2015 Radical Independence Conference in Dundee.

Racism and Immigration Policy

Speech for Aberdeen’s St Andrew’s Day rally.

Our Growing Movement

Speech for the Radical Independence Conference 2014.

Story of RIC Aberdeen

Remarks for RIC Aberdeen post-referendum public meeting.

Garthdee Debate

Opening & closing statements for indyref debate, Inchgarth community centre.

Local Government and the Referendum

Aberdeen City Council told everyone to vote No. This is why we challenged them.