Seeds of Tolerance

My second year of university, I started a Pagan student group. This is the story of its beginnings and continued growth as part of a diverse and tolerant religious community. Published in If: a journal of spiritual exploration.

What’s in a Name? Colonial Dynamics in Spiritual Practice

The politics of domination can manifest even in our spiritual practices…. How we might begin to recognize and heal our attitudes. Published in PanGaia Magazine.

Making Miracles

The story of Hanukkah in modern times.

Power of the Pen

Exploring the role of writers in social movements, focusing on the frameworks writers build and how they can recreate the dominant paradigm, or empower us to see the world differently (final essay for my Spiritual Activism module).

Astrology for Skeptics

A different way to think about astrology, and why it’s a useful tool in life.

True Interfaith Dialogue

Letter to the Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice, in response to their public meeting which was overwhelmingly Christian and completly monotheistic.