social change

RIC2016 Closing Remarks

On building the Scotland – and the world – we want to see.

Austerity and the refugee crisis

Excerpt from anti-austerity demo speech, 13 September 2015.

Joining the Dots: Activism and Social Conscience

Raising consciousness will not save the world — but it’s possible that social conscience will.

Changing Inner and Outer Worlds

The synchronous deaths of Anita Roddick and Madeline L’Engle speak of the need to change our outer and inner worlds.

Scotland’s Greenest MSc

The Centre for Human Ecology offers a radical, transformative MSc…. And its “green graduates” are changing the world. Published in the Scotsman.


The politics of student accommodation: examining Edinburgh council’s proposal to limit student housing. Column on the Education page of the Scotsman.

Power of the Pen

Exploring the role of writers in social movements, focusing on the frameworks writers build and how they can recreate the dominant paradigm, or empower us to see the world differently (final essay for my Spiritual Activism module).

Deconstructing Punk Economics

Socratic dialogue, exploring strategic activism within our economic system (originally written my New Economics module).

True Interfaith Dialogue

Letter to the Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice, in response to their public meeting which was overwhelmingly Christian and completly monotheistic.

Getting in the Ring

Interview with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls, talking about the music industry & politics. Published in the downhill battle newsletter.