Our Growing Movement

Speech for the Radical Independence Conference 2014.

Earth Activist Training: Reflections 10 Years On

In January 2004, Earth Activist Training changed my life. Ten years on, many of the changes are still resonating.

An Ex-Pat’s View of Obama

For the first time, there is a candidate I really believe in. It’s a wonderful gift.


Reflections on the PhD process, and preparing for the year ahead.

Confidence and Motivation

In moving from details to the big picture thinking, I suffered a crisis of confidence and discovered that a PhD is about a lot more than intellect. Column on the Education page of the Scotsman.

Hours of Darkness

Story of my failed emigration attempt of 2002, finally answering all the people who asked, what happened?

Guilt of a White Girl

How the internalized voices of war undermine the struggle for peace.