Offering Solidarity

Published in the Scottish Left Review (Responses to #GE2019). A gentle suggestion for a slightly different focus.

Dirty Economy, Clean Environment?

Speech for ATUC May Day Rally, 5 May 2018. Why environmental justice and social justice are two sides of the same coin.

Still Protesting this Shit

Speech for CND demo against bombing Syria, 4 April 2018. We will keep on protesting this shit.

American Contradictions

Speech for CND demo at Trump’s golf course in Balmedie, 9 September 2017. The contradictions that led to Trump, and the antidote.

Collective Action

Speech for CND Diversification event. Understanding power, individual choices and collective action. Also: capitalism and fox poo.

We’ve Got Fascists to Fight

Speech from anti-Trump demo, 30 January 2017. Also published on Common Space and in The National.

War for Christmas

Speech for Aberdeen’s Syria solidarity rally, 5 December 2015.

Why we still need a radical, non-electoral movement

Letter published in the National.

Austerity and the refugee crisis

Excerpt from anti-austerity demo speech, 13 September 2015.

Reports of RIC’s death are greatly exaggerated

No, RIC has not morphed into the new electoral alliance, RISE.

Racism and Immigration Policy

Speech for Aberdeen’s St Andrew’s Day rally.

Obama and Yes

Response to Obama’s support for the No campaign. Published on the RIC Aberdeen blog.

Local Government and the Referendum

Aberdeen City Council told everyone to vote No. This is why we challenged them.

Westminster’s Abusive Relationship with Scotland

It’s time for Scotland to leave this abusive relationship and step into a future where we can make our own choices. Published on the RIC Aberdeen blog.