Collective Action

Speech for CND Diversification event. Understanding power, individual choices and collective action. Also: capitalism and fox poo.

We’ve Got Fascists to Fight

Speech from anti-Trump demo, 30 January 2017. Also published on Common Space and in The National.

Austerity and the refugee crisis

Excerpt from anti-austerity demo speech, 13 September 2015.

In Defense of Sociology & Geography

Why Social Science? Why Higher Education? Looking Behind Strathclyde’s Disinvestment Strategy.

Labour Exploitation in Academia

Is exploitation acceptable when it comes with the prestige of a PhD? Column on the Education page of the Scotsman.

Losing Our Place: Consumer Identity and Disconnection From the Local

Exploring the links between corporate globalization, local identities, and our insatiable need to consume (final essay for my Ecopsychology module).