Seeds of Tolerance

My second year of university, I started a Pagan student group. This is the story of its beginnings and continued growth as part of a diverse and tolerant religious community. Published in If: a journal of spiritual exploration.

What’s in a Name? Colonial Dynamics in Spiritual Practice

The politics of domination can manifest even in our spiritual practices…. How we might begin to recognize and heal our attitudes. Published in PanGaia Magazine.

What the Old State House has Already Lost

The Old State House brought history to life for nearly a decade — but poor management now leaves Connecticut’s most important stories untold. Published in the Hartford Courant.

History of the Big Pink Banner

Story of the Fans For Peace Banner, well-known phenomenon in the world of Goo Goo Dolls fans.

Hours of Darkness

Story of my failed emigration attempt of 2002, finally answering all the people who asked, what happened?

G8 Report

Notes from the G8 protests in Scotland and related events.

The Beltane Table

Or: another tale from Synchronicity City. Beautiful things can happen when the right elements come together.

The Origins of Spam

You hear the word all the time, but do you ever wonder how spam came to be synonymous with junkmail?

Greetings from the Twilight Zone

Letter to my peace movement friends in Italy at the supposed finish of “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Code Pink

Report-back from the International Women’s Day peace march in Washington, DC.

The World Says No To War

Report-back from the massive peace march in New York City, part of the largest political demonstration in history.

The House that Harley Built

The house I shared with five others was cold and fragmented, until the introduction of a chihuahua who didn’t understand closed doors.

The World We’re Trying to Create

My first big American political demonstration, dancing a new world to life in the streets of San Francisco.