human ecology

Unconventional Solutions

The Centre for Human Ecology is feeling the financial crunch that’s squeezing all of higher education. Its response is to call upon its most valuable resource: its graduates. Column on the Education page of the Scotsman.

Scotland’s Greenest MSc

The Centre for Human Ecology offers a radical, transformative MSc…. And its “green graduates” are changing the world. Published in the Scotsman.

Losing Our Place: Consumer Identity and Disconnection From the Local

Exploring the links between corporate globalization, local identities, and our insatiable need to consume (final essay for my Ecopsychology module).

Power of the Pen

Exploring the role of writers in social movements, focusing on the frameworks writers build and how they can recreate the dominant paradigm, or empower us to see the world differently (final essay for my Spiritual Activism module).

The Personal is not Necessarily Global

Review of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann, exploring the interplay between personal and global transformation (essay for my Self & Society module).

Making Sense of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”

Looking at the economic reasons behind the Iraq war from a multipartisan perspective (final essay for my New Economics module).

Deconstructing Punk Economics

Socratic dialogue, exploring strategic activism within our economic system (originally written my New Economics module).