American Contradictions

Speech for CND demo at Trump’s golf course in Balmedie, 9 September 2017. The contradictions that led to Trump, and the antidote.

Obama and Yes

Response to Obama’s support for the No campaign. Published on the RIC Aberdeen blog.

The Politics of Hope and Fear

Hillary Clinton threatens to tear America apart — will Barack Obama’s vision be strong enough to sustain us through the long struggle ahead?

An Unlikely Gunman

Sociologists are supposed to help understand troubling social phenomena like murder — not become murderers themselves. Column on the Education page of the Scotsman.

An Ex-Pat’s View of Obama

For the first time, there is a candidate I really believe in. It’s a wonderful gift.

Making Sense of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”

Looking at the economic reasons behind the Iraq war from a multipartisan perspective (final essay for my New Economics module).

Open letter to George W. Bush about Sex Education

Bush’s sex education guidelines call for an exclusive abstinence-only message to prevent the spread of STDs, and I have a few suggestions on making that message even clearer. (parody!!)

Smashing Ignorance [rant]

Response to a disturbing e-mail, challenging common misconceptions about immigrants, American culture, and politics.