Web Design

I’ve been building websites since the late 1990s, mostly to support causes I believe in. Between 2002 and 2004, I completed part of a multimedia training course, and I worked part-time at a web development firm in 2005. I also have experience using content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and CiviCRM to maintain existing websites. I am comfortable with HTML and CSS, and I have a passing familiarity with PHP. My other design work can be found here.

radical.scot (2015)

Radical Independence Campaign national site

I rebuilt RIC’s national website from scratch, building in more functionality, including an easy-to-use calendar system, dynamic front page displaying latest posts from local groups, and space for groups to develop their own pages.

ricaberdeen.wordpress.com (2013)

Radical Independence Aberdeen blog

I set up a blog for our local RIC group, with stylised quote headers for visual continuity between text posts.

che.ac.uk (2007)

Centre for Human Ecology

I rebuilt the existing site to improve graphics, layout, organisation and navigation, and I wrote new content for new sections of the site. Site has been changed since my design.

newscotland.org.uk (2006)

Edinburgh University New Scotland Country Dancers

I rebuilt the existing dance group site, with an emphasis on clear navigation, easy updating, and making the site look modern and inviting. Site has been changed since my design.

musicishealing.org (2006)

Music Is Healing

I donated free site design to a charity auction, and worked with the winner to create a new fan website to connect music and personal healing. Stylistically, the aim was a bold, hopeful palette and simple layout. Site no longer available.

fansforpeace.org (2004)

Goo Goo Dolls Fans For Peace

I designed, wrote content, and promoted this site, and it quickly became one of the Goo Goo Dolls’ most well-known fan sites. Members contributed stories and photos, and discussed issues on a message board.

reclaimthecommons.net (2004)

Green Bloc Sonoma County

In the build-up to an anti-G8 mobilisation, I created site templates for an activist group, which they were able to use in an existing framework. Site no longer available.